B32 tentoonstelling in het Mariabastion – A Line in the Sand Nobuo Shimose & Charlotte Koenen

B32 Artspace & BIP Liège invite you to the exhibition:

A Line in the Sand

Nobuo Shimose & Charlotte Koenen

25 September: 17:00 – 22:00

Fri > Sun / 13:00 > 18:00

B32 Artspace
Mariabastion 50, 6217 NC / Maastricht (NL)

Free Entrance

For over twenty years photographer Nobuo Shimose (1944) wandered through nature in the vicinity of his hometown Hagi in Japan. In the series “Kekkai” (Force Field) he photographs ordinary plants; such as ferns, in their natural environment. The photographs are mysterious, flowers become spaceships that open weightlessly or even exotic deep sea life forms.

During a trip through Japan, the Dutch artist Charlotte Koenen (1992) saw a poster of Shimose’s work, unfortunately the exhibition was only scheduled to open weeks after her visit had concluded. Still the pictures kept running through her mind, so Charlotte decided to get in touch with Nobuo. 

This exhibition is a collaboration of two artists who have never met, who never saw each other’s work in real life, but who both are trying to capture the same thing: those invisible boundaries of nature which shape our world.


This exhibition is part of the BIP OFF.  The 12th edition of the Biennale de l’Image Possible (Biennale of the Possible Image), BIP2020, takes place in Liège from 19th of September to the 25th of October. More info BIP Liège

A maximum of 10 people is allowed inside at the same time. The vernissage will be outside