Have you always wanted to start your own creative business in Maastricht and collaborate with other start-ups and urban developers within the same creative environment? Imagine starting your business in a place like Boxpark London, Spoorzone Tilburg or the Urban Resort in Amsterdam, but in our own beautiful Maastricht.
Several start-ups, SAM and the municipality of Maastricht are currently developing a (buttom-up) zone where freedom, creativity and the possibility to collaborate are the fundamental basics.
Within this zone, we want to create an affordable and nourishing environment for talents and cultural entrepreneurs. This will become a place where students, residents, artists, musicians, entrepreneurs, catering establishments, start-ups and other people of all ages come together to create and learn from each other.

To make this happen, we are looking for open-minded entrepreneurs that fit in this concept and like to participatie in creating a new cultural centre in the city.

For more information about the possibilities, the free square meters and the affordable renting prices, please send an e-mail to roel@denieuwecontext.nl

Initiatief broedplaats Maastricht 1