Everyone is an artist

Dinsdag 27 september hebben The Artist and the Others een interessante conferentie georganiseerd!
Van 09:00 – 18:00 in Centre Céramique.

BE PART of Everyone is an Artist!
The complete programme is on line… but just to give you a taste of the experts we invited for you:
Ruben Jacobs, sociologist and author of ‘Everyone is an artist’ book, published by V2_
Emmelie Koster, curator and director of No Man’s Art Gallery and board member of Patty Morgan
The enthusiastic mind behind BASE Milano
Carolyn Mair of London College of Fashion – Official
Vizier and their workshop on Competencies of creatives-entrepreneurs, a workshop on ‘the act of Intervention’ in art & design and more! Be ready to gain new meaningful knowledge, skills and connections!

The program is developed in cooperation with Made2Measure
Supported by Province of Limburg, Gemeente Maastricht, Maastricht Lab, Forza Fashion House, CollectorIQ and SWOL