November is completely dedicated to Subsidies.

What are the subsidies in the Euregion & in Maastricht? What is the subsidies policy of Maastricht and in the Province? How do I develop a crowd funding campaign? How do I write a subsidies application? 

This workshop will provide you the knowledge, skills and connections you need to be able to apply and write good subsidies application.
The workshop is structured in 4 different evenings.

Tuesday 8 November
Discover the subsidies in Maastricht in the Euregio

Discover what are the subsidies in Maastricht in the Euregio.

Do you want to know more about the subsidies policy in Maastricht, its new ‘makelaar’ and the policy of the Province of Limburg? What are the criteria to be subsidies by Code043Prince Bernhard cultuur fonds, the Film fonds Limburg? What is the role of Huis voor de Kunsten, and what kind of advice can you ask to them? What are the funding opportunities in the Euregion? Take the chance to talk to the different institutions named above and talk to different experts in the field from Aachen, Hasselt & Liège.
After the presentations the representatives invited will be available for short talk.

Time:  18:00 – 19:30
Location: De Brandweer – Maastricht 
Fee: 5 Euros*
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Tuesday 15 November

Alyssa Mahler of Voordekunst, the main crowd funding platform in The Netherlands, will share with us how to do a great crowd funding campaign, and all the insights you need to know to successfully develop your own.

You will also know more about the deal that the Province has with Voordekunst. Moreover professionals who managed to created successful campaign will be there to talk about their experience and give you practical tips. You will also be informed about video making and who to contact for your video in your campaign. 

Time:  18:00 – 19:30
Location: De Brandweer – Maastricht 
Fee: 10 Euros* 
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Tuesday 22 November & Tuesday 13 December
How to write a subsidies application?

Thanks to the expertise of Patricia Pisters, you will learn the different subsidies application options, do’s & don’ts, and the tone of voice needed to prepare a proper application.

About Patricia Pisters: 

After earning her Master’s degrees in Arts and Social Sciences at the UM and Art Education at the Hogeschool Fontys, Patricia Pisters, gained a broad experience in the field of arts and culture. Under the header of buro-P, she initiates and supports projects, focused on education, presentation and communication. Her work includes the organisation & development of several cultural projects, including their grants applications. For Gallery Wansink and Gallery Post + García she successfully wrote applications for the Kunstkoopregeling. Recently her subsidy application for artist Stefan Cools to the Mondrian Fund was granted.

Experts Feedback session:

Next to the analysis of the different subsidies platform and their own structures you have the chance to get feedback from experts on your own subsidies application or crowdfunding campaign. In this way you could have on spot feedback and perhaps enhance or be more conformable in submitting your own application.

Among the experts we invited for you, there are Huis voor de kunstenJoep Vossebeld – member of PAC – province of Limburg, Paul Devens advisor for Mondriaan Fonds & Gemeente Den Heeg, Via ZuidFons Dejong and more.

Time:  18:00 – 19:30
Location: De Brandweer – Maastricht
Fee: 70 Euros* 
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*By attending this part (22/11 & 13/12) of the workshop will allow you to also participate at the info session about subsidies in Maastricht & Euregio, plus the Crowdfunding presentation for free.

Thursday 15 December
Get a Grant!

You are welcome to joing the Get a Grant event. Where you can know more about the policy and grant possibility offered by  Mondriaan FondsStimuleringsfonds Creatieve Industrie & Fonds Kwadraat. Moderated by Valentijn Byvanck with artist Kristina Benjocki and designer Klasien van de Zandschulp
Everyone is welcome. Entrance free.

If you have any questions you can contact us at:
We look forward to sharing knowledge, skills and connections with you!